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Certus is more than just a logo or brand. It is a quality label for which all participants in the production chain undertake to present the consumer with a perfect piece of pork.

The Certus label is managed by Belpork vzw. This organisation is the owner of the label and certifies the Certus label from in an independent and objective way.

Belpork vzw operates as an interprofessional organisation on a national level. Flemish as well as Walloon and Brussels producers, abattoirs and cutting plants can register for the Certus quality system on a voluntary basis.

The Certus family continues to grow year on year. Early July 2015 we counted no fewer than 2493 accredited participants, including 2304 pig breeders, 14 abattoirs and 22 cutting plants.

On this Certus website for professionals you will find all relevant information about the Certus quality label, the standards and inspections.