A Group is a legal entity (PLC, SA, NPO, etc.) with a registered office established by the statutes and consists of at least one pig producer and one abattoir. Every official communication between Belpork npo and the Group will take place via the relevant registered office.
Within the Certus system, Groups are the basis for the production chain. In other words, every link (producer, abattoir and cutting plant) has to be affiliated to at least one Group in order to be able to participate in the Certus production chain.
There are currently 14 accredited Certus Groups. You will find information on joining as a new Group in the Internal Regulations.

Here you will also find a list of all accredited Certus Groups with their associated abattoirs and cutting plants. As a participant you can join any Group. All you have to do is submit an affiliation form to the Group of your choice. After approval by the Group, Belpork npo will receive the affiliation form and the application will be processed further.